About Us

My name is Arindam Biswas and I’m from the colorful city of Kolkata in India, I’m a proud graduate with a huge passion for fantastic audio. My journey into the world of microphones started with a simple question: How do these tiny things capture sound so darn well? As time went on, that question turned into a full-blown obsession, and now I’m all about sharing what I’ve learned with all of you.

We’re all about showing you that the right microphone can change the game. Whether you’re a music newbie, a content creator, or a pro who knows your stuff, we’re here to make the microphone world less confusing and more exciting. Our mission is to help you find that perfect microphone that fits your style and needs like a glove.

Why Choose Us?

Hey there, microphone enthusiasts who know that good sound is where the real magic happens! Picking us means you’re stepping into a world where microphones aren’t just gadgets – they’re our passion, and we’re thrilled to share that passion with you.

We’re not the kind to just toss a bunch of microphones at you and call it a day. Nope, that’s not our style. We’re all about diving into the deep end of the microphone pool, exploring the stories behind each one, and letting you in on the juicy details. Think of us as your backstage pass to the microphone world.

Now, let’s chat variety. Dig the rugged oomph of dynamic microphones. Yup, we’re all in, exploring their power. More into the nitty-gritty of condenser microphones? You bet we’re breaking it all down in plain language. Need something tiny and sneaky like a Lavalier microphone for your videos? We’ve got your back. And when you’re ready to chase that big, movie-like sound with a shotgun microphone, guess what? We’re right there with you, ready for the audio adventure.

So, when you pick us, you’re not just getting information – you’re getting a passport to an audio journey that’s anything but ordinary. We’re all about making those microphone mysteries less puzzling and helping you find that sweet spot where tech meets art. Let’s dive deep into the microphone universe together – the stories, the tech talk, and all those amazing soundscapes waiting for you to explore!

Our Pledge to You

We Know Our Stuff: We’ve put in a bunch of time studying microphones, testing them out, and geeking out about them. So you can trust that what you find here is legit and on point.
No B.S. Reviews: We’re all about being real with you. Our reviews tell you what’s awesome about each microphone, but we’re not afraid to talk about any downsides too. You deserve the full scoop.
We’re a Crew: Heart To The Microphone is more than just a website. It’s a community of microphone lovers. Got a question? Wanna share your microphone journey? Just want to chat about audio stuff? We’re all ears.
Let’s Stay Connected
If you’ve got a microphone question buzzing in your head or are looking for advice on the right mic, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact Us or find me on social media platforms.

Thanks a ton for being part of the family. Let’s explore the amazing world of microphones together – one sound at a time!


Arindam Biswas